DKK 2,351.25 Not including card fee

Visa Application Fee - Full-time - Winter 2018

15.12.2017 12:00 IBA International Business Academy, Kolding

Payment closed


DKK 2,351.25 Not including card fee

All non-EU/EEA full-time students must pay the visa application fee of 2,351.25 DKK (2.315 DKK Case Order ID fee + 30 DKK IBA MasterCard fee + 6,25 DKK online payment fee) to IBA.

Non-EU/EEA students need to apply for a residence permit to study in Denmark. In order to start the application process for the residence permit, the student must be accepted by the IBA and have paid the tuition fee for the given study programme (if relevant), as well as the fee for the Case Order ID. After receiving the aforementioned fees, IBA will issue the “Form ST1”, and will send the form to the student. Afterwards, both documents (Case Order ID and “Form ST1”) must be taken to the nearest Danish Embassy or Danish Consulate, where the student applies for a Visa.